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Calls of the Untamed Blog Tour

From the unorthodox author Eri Nelson began an adult new twist to an old tale. One where paranormal leads humanities’ darkest depths astride the backs of wolfly biceps.
Unlike most darkly lit romantic tales Eri’s vision takes an imprinting’s heat on a ride through the last of the packs inevitable extinction. Sought and found by a secret corner of the government a convenient weapon, such as the Werewolves, brinks on their own possible demise. However, as their leash is loosened by Opts itself one honor bound alpha encounters the Moon’s promise of hope in a luscious scarlet haired enticement. Although as the fur begins to rise in heated ecstasy a pack’s leader learns that, their brief run to safety hasn’t been their last.

With an ill mated Thomas the clan has more to comprehend as a pack. Now that not only has the alpha’s Kristen been found but now a twin who seems to promise the pack even more by the weight of her womb. Nevertheless, Julia will not be the only imprinted yet to be found for one aged prophecy seems to have come alive and brought the INK that will soon write the end to the pack’s current existence.


A Call Within:
~Every hair on Kristen’s arms raised as the eerie cries from their pursuers reached her ears. Seeing Owen tense told her he was gearing up to battle.
Gulping big clumps of fear down her throat, a coarse cry came from Kristen. “Is it Brinston?”
“If that’s the ex”—he spit out the ex part as if the whole knowledge that she could once bed a Shapeshifter revolted him—“then yes.”
Foot to pedal, Owen pushed the gas on the old Ford to its max. There was no way the old rusted-out bucket was going to run much farther ahead of the herd of shifters hot on their tail.
Claws on the roof screeched forth like nails on a chalkboard. They were on them, and it was a matter of the time before the truck would be thrown to the side of the road.
A figure close to the look of a rhino came in so fast that it crashed into the driver’s side of the Ford, knocking the panels inward. Kristen screamed in horror with the sight of the blood running down Owen’s left side. Now she was pissed off; how dare they touch him? An instant reflection of possessiveness’s of him was clearing the way for her rage as she looked to the floor of the cab for a weapon. Her fingers felt their way to something metallic. When lifting her prize, she found herself quite proud to be gripping a grease-covered crowbar. However, just as her courage was lifted by the odd shaped metal weapon, the large plate-protected creature once again drove into their vehicle, lifting it up off it’s axles. With one heave of its mighty head, it sent them flying over the edge of the road. Rolling repeatedly, they went, stopping only when they collided with a long-standing grand pine.
Bloodied and crash-ridden, the two found they were looking at each other. Owen, gazing on at Kristen clutching a blackened crowbar, said, “I don’t suppose if I asked you to stay here you would listen?”
“Not like hell,” she replied. If he were going out there, then so was she. Losing him was not an option!

Double Call:
With the wind came his scent and Julia took pause in her rapid pace. Scanning the ground, she caught the backside of him. Luckily, she was downwind and went unnoticed. With all mountains’ wind, that could change within a pulse. Deciding to hesitate in her movements to look him over could be a mistake. However, by the look of the backside of him, one she would be willing to make.
He was tall, well over her five foot nine stature. Julia could always hold her own in height with the males in town. Still it was nice to see a man who could perhaps make her feel delicate if only for just a moment, if any. At the pinnacle of his stature bore the broadest shoulders she began thinking she had ever seen. Even through his, thick fall apparel she could visibly see the contours of his tapered muscles. They seemed to fight the confines of his clothes and beg to tear free. If she did not resolve what he was from his scent, she undoubtedly could see now what he was by the build of him. She and her brother were the only two she would have ever known of and even that was not until this past year. This man shared the husky form and well-muscled sculpture of her brother. Although this Werewolf would easily outweigh her brother hands down.
She should move and gain ground for her attack but as he turned scanning the land, Julia found herself still to be held in awe of him. Chiseled features trimmed with a shadowing of sandy brown scruff to match his locks of wind-tousled hair. Minus the minuscule of gray that perhaps, only their kind would be able to catch up on. Add in his amber eyes and she could feel an inner turmoil like no other. For all the great works known to the world this man would surely be seen as one of them.
As he caught site of her she knew pausing the second longer on his sun warming eyes had been her down fall. Now it was run and run faster than she had ever in her life.
Tearing through the edge of the lumberyard and entering the forest line took all the strength she could muster. He was fast, too fast, and if not for the distance that had been between them, he would have had her in no time at all.
Their veneer of humanity ran too thin and as the pain creped forward Julia knew that this Were was bringing her wolf to the forefront. With the space amid them disappearing rapidly the urge to change came on chaotically strong. Her stride was pushed to its max and her skin could no longer coil from the oncoming touch. Just as his grip clasp on her the unfurling began and Julia could no longer hold back the pain of the unseen moon’s call.
The hellish howl of a wolf withering in pain filled the tree side. It was enough to stop her once tracker and now pursuer in his tracks. Through her huffing puffs of wolf in changing form, she heard him mutter, “It can’t be?” Then it was all she could do to remain conscious before everything including the arousing male went black.

Heated Call:
~She had been eyeing him from across the room most of the night. He had assumed she was either one of Julia’s friends or had been brought by someone. Jake had hesitated for the most part in approaching for he did not wish to flirt with another’s girlfriend. However, he would risk a possible fight over a woman…. for this particular woman.
They had talked for what seemed like hours, both devouring each other in conversation. Before Jake knew it he and Jo, her full name being Joanne but she made sure she had told him that she preferred Jo, decide to free themselves from the confines of the party and take a walk. It did not take long before they reached the wooden enclosure that stood off from the apartments. The eerie surroundings had always unnerved Julia but Jake with his thrill seeking nature enjoyed the hidden hollows that could be found inside. Stopping short of the cluster of tree’s entryway, Jake paused to see if Jo had a little bit of adventure seeking in herself. With a high-spirited nod from Jo they had thrown fear aside and walked within the darken confines. After a bit of feeling for their way, Jake found his favorite spot. The space held a fallen tree in which to sit upon and just enough of an opening from the trees had allowed the mystical orb above to poke through. A spellbinding location that gave allowances for the nightly glow of the moon. From the high perch skylight adorn by the night’s rich forestry foliages covering, grew life on the flow of the luminous rays. Unable to resist the beauty of the moment two heated bodies sought out each other beneath the glistening beams that came from the hours of darkness.
Hungry with lustful intent they shed their garments and glided their bare forms in zealous glee. Fanatical infatuation sparked flames and sent an unleashed inferno of passion down around them. She was sheer bliss and he was driven to devour her.
The suckling of her ivory peaks set Jake forth in claiming his ultimate prize within her womanly core. With his one true goal in mind, Jake thrust his tip forward to enter Jo’s womanly mound. In eager anticipation, she pushed her hips upward in a sensual glide to join with him. They merged while hunger clung to their backs greedily in search of a contented fulfillment.
Higher than the tree’s lengthy top, the moon felt the presence of a fallen child and began to call out for its return.
Ecstasy began to rise from inside of him. The heavy emotion found Jake pushing harder and faster to achieve completion. All the while Jo thrust upward trapped within her own wanted release. The harder he pumped his hips the faster his heart began to beat. In this frantic rhythm, the wilds contained by his unconscious soul began to come alive and demand its freedom. An insisting command that began to curve his spine and send Jake’s body in a convulsing retch of agony. Once the coursing heave started his anguish, Jake screamed into a partial howl that formed from his newly shaped snout. The sound was loud and earth shattering but it need not be for the woman who still lie beneath the now forming wolf. For she alone could hear and react with ultimate fear. Her frantic pulse of coursing blood seethed through her veins and spoke to the no longer in control Jake.
Fully wolf Jake snarled down on to his prey. Its screams put an ache within his ears and a desire to make it stop. His claws curled around her naked flesh as his mighty neck toss back and hurled force into a blood-curling howl. With the warning sung, he flew his jaw downward and snapped onto the soft meaty section under the morsel’s head. In one quick ripping movement there was quiet.

Time to Call Wolf:
~Tension rolled off of him, she knew he was worried. Possibly even more than he was trying to hide. Currently Karina knew that his worry set in her battle skills and if she were to do far too much damage to one of his own. ‘Silly dog,’ she thought.
In all honesty, he amused her as well as enflamed her needs. Since their run from the wolves, within the wolves’ own playground, she had even been more set to spark by the battle and this wolf’s touch afterwards. So as she exited the cab of the truck on his nod, she went knowing that her holding back the death of these mutts by her hands would be rewarded with Bry’s hands on her.
With a jump from the truck, her feet clad in her armor-plated sheathing and resembling something very close to army boots hit the ground with a frosty crunch. The sound set a growl through the circling wolves. Their furling call made her blood swoon and she found that this was what she was made for, battle.
Her talons glide against her outer thigh, sharpening with every whisking pass she took. As each piercing peak file to its most lethal point, Karina decided to pull back the sheathing that covered her head. When the outer layering had fell from her head in her usual magical melt away, her golden locks fell in a spray too glorious that it caught the rising rays in an issue of bloodshed to come.
Walking around the truck to meet Bry in the front, she reveled in this most primal task. Her eyes lowered on the grey patched wolf in the front and she hit the ground in a deadly run. When she was half way in front of the wolf of her choosing she jumped up in mid air to flip up and over the wolf. As she now was able to enact her assault from behind, Karina slashed the hindquarters of the wolf until her bosom was now covered in the spray of blood. Keeping her promise to not kill them she quickly moved to another of the pack who had been trying to take her from behind. Smirking at his insightfulness to take her down while she was attacking one of his own, Karina screamed out her warrior cry and charged on him. However, this time the wolf chose to use her prior move and leapt and bound over her. Even more impressed she wished to savor this battle so with her enjoyment in mind, Karina swiftly look on at Bry’s progress. Seeing that he was now in wolf form and doing battle with the only remaining wolf besides the one she was battling, she decided to take her leave and fully enjoy the combat.
He looked at her moving slowly to the right in their typical circling custom. All the while she smile down at him, he growled back up at her. Dodging to the right he grazed her left leg as she was to react to his dive. Swiveling to her side, she slid to the ground spurting up snow in her millisecond late response.
The gash was not bad; however, it would have been if she had reacted any slower. Grasping a handful of snow, she swiped at the wounds and kneed up her pose. One look down for measure told her that her enjoyment of this wolf’s responses had gotten the better of her. Although now she would have to reward him with better tactics of her, own.
Still riding one knee to the ground, Karina bowed her head and listened to his still circling motion. The wolf was strategizing his next move on her. Even his heart beat with a triumph rhythm. It would seem he too was excited about the challenge set at his paw.
With an eager anticipation, she waited in still form for the beast to make his move. However, she need not wait long before the all too brave beast decided to come face on. Just as he were to soar upon her posture, Karina arose in a twisting flair from the ground and sliced the underside of his legs right up to the side of his face. When her feet finally hit the ground in a sturdy thud the snow was no longer covered with only her blood.
She knelt beside her worthy opponent and looked at his wounds. Taking care she flexed the scales on her inner thigh to reveal a pocket of sorts. From their she took out a pouch. The small leather bag possessed the crushing’s of several cranesbill roots she had gathered over the summer. When mixed as a paste the roots could help with halting bleeding. It was a trick she had learned some time ago in New Mexico.
She had been passing through the Bosque refuge when she had been taken aware of a shifter’s scent. However, unlike the sickening sweet metallic smell this was more spicy and, to her ignorance, much more innocent of a vile Shapeshifter. Having caught the scent she waited and took watch of many things. One of those sightings was of a group of five men in army fatigues. Taking great care to not be notice she bare down in the underbrush and watched. It seemed that whatever shifter power lay about the land had lost in strength on stealth for the men seemed to be aware of an existence here as well. Although Karina doubted it was the same aroma she had caught. For the humans were mundane in the senses like she and the immortal kind. Nevertheless, something here had caught their attention and now as she watched Karina saw an image form. As if right out of a bubble, the small figure seemingly walked without warning almost right in front of the awaiting men.
Surveillance of the men’s actions pushed Karina to act in haste. Sending her rolling in a ball of fury and the slicing the men down to their deaths before they could reach the shifter child. Back then she had not been leashed by an other’s concern for their kind. She was free to annihilate those she felt were her enemies. However, even then her actions had been chastised and applauded by the shifters who had emerged after the death of the five had been acted out.
With her praise, she was allowed time with their kind and taught many ways in which to care for injuries if they should occur. Therefore, as she bent over the injured adversary she took heed to treat him with the same care she was shown to do unto herself.
Taking the graining substance from her pouch, she shoved it in her mouth and began to chew it. It beared a foul taste and would have been a great deal better if she could have had some source of water apart from snow. Although under the circumstances chewing, it would have to do. Spitting the pasty substance into her hand she began to rub the wolf’s wounds. In a low tone she spoke, “calm now. It won’t do you any good to reject my efforts. This will help and serve your wounds well.” Patting him on the head like a naughty pup she said, “until we meet again worthy adversary.”

Holy hell! Just when I thought Shifters were hot, Eri Nelson makes them ever hotter! Calls of the Untamed captures the loyalty and possessiveness that most Shifter novels grace over. Eri adds an element of self-preservation in this series. Calls of the Untamed is more than Shifters; it's a story of survival and an adventure with an erotic love story thrown into the mix.

Author Bio:
Eri Nelson born Erica Walcott is a Indie Author and the youngest of three in a family of five. Erica became Eri (airy) from her mother who called her that for as long as she could remember. The short take on her name took on a more solid base with the love of her life and husband, Jeff Nelson.

Together they have been for the past twenty years. Within that time they were able to raise one daughter and endless amount of pets.

Writing is a passion for her and an abundance of never ending joy. Only one thing tops that for Eri... and that is when a reader enjoys the read......

(More on Eri)

Eri Nelson is a nontraditional indie author who manages all areas of her fiction, fantasy, paranormal, action, adventure and sometimes-erotic writing. Eri handles all the groundwork of her books, even the editing. Because of this Eri strives to improve her abilities along with trying to explain to readers her far from traditional sentence structures. However, she will openly admit that typos follow her.

Join Eri and her shadowy side of writing as she takes you along to explore new desire hunger filled worlds where your mind can share in the heat of the read.

Author Links:
http://www.dearharts.com/   My personal site (includes my book store, promo store, blog, teasers, and more about me).

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