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The Three Month Plan Blog Tour

Kelly Callahan had everything going for her. Everything that is, except for a relationship. It wasn’t for the lack of trying, it just seemed like she was a magnet for all the wrong ones. But all of that was about to change the minute she laid eyes on Jake.

On a dare from her close friend, Michelle, Kelly accepts a challenge to date and become Jake’s girlfriend within three months. The consequence of losing is global humiliation, and she refuses to lose.

Enlisting the help of her childhood friend and confidant, Brian, Kelly manages to catch Jakes attention. She also unknowingly hooks Brian who tries to sabotage the plan. Kelly finds herself with a dilemma; take the final step with Jake and win the plan or follow her heart and reveal her feelings for Brian.

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The boardwalk wasn’t as crowded today, but it was still early, and the fog hadn’t yet cleared even though it was afternoon. San Diego fell victim to June gloom every year, and it always seemed to wait until summer had officially started. The patio on the Breakwater CafĂ© was the perfect place to sit and people watch and crush on the surplus of college students. It was an eclectic mix of teenagers and twenty-somethings flecked with small families here and there, not to mention this was the only restaurant in the area that had a man-made wave machine. When the sand was empty and the weather still cold, this was a popular hangout. It had only been two weeks since I graduated from high school and I was convinced now that it was summer I’d have more options for a boyfriend.

“I just don’t get it,” I complained. “Sara Jennings has a great guy and she is awful.”

“You just have to be patient, Kel. It’s not like you haven’t had your share of dates,” my friend Michelle assured me, “Besides, you’re only eighteen.”

Michelle was right. It wasn’t for the lack of trying; it just seemed all the wrong guys clung to me like lint on velvet. I went through all of the stereotypes: the jock focused only on his next score; the quiet boy that couldn’t open up; I even dated a nerd that spoke in sexual innuendos. I was ready for a real boyfriend, somebody I could be serious with.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Michelle said, pointing in the direction I was staring. “Him?”

“What?” I smiled, taking another sip from my soda.

“No offense, but you do know he’s totally out of your league,” Michelle replied. I just ignored her and kept staring in his direction, admiring his short, dark hair. His eyes had a piercing blue quality that reminded me of the blue in the ocean. His casual demeanor showed in his flip flops, grey t-shirt and black and grey board shorts that hung low on his hips as he prepared to start the wave machine.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” I said, meeting Michelle’s gaze. “But, I bet he’d be interested if he knew my awesomely charming personality.” I grinned.

“Is that a challenge?” Michelle snickered. “You wanna make a bet?”

I just laughed and shook my head. “Um, no,” I said flatly. “I wouldn’t even know where to begin.”

“It’s not like you have anything to lose,” Michelle teased. “You don’t start your yoga training for another three months anyways.”

I replied wistfully, “But he doesn’t even know I exist.” I looked toward him as he continued to ready the machine and talk to the crowd that had gathered. He yelled for the people to form a line – his voice deep, sexy and made me flush at the sound of it.

“That is what it looks like, isn’t it?” Michelle said dryly, looking in the same direction as me.

“Besides,” I explained, “he probably has a ton of girls throwing themselves at him.” I sighed and looked down to my lap disappointed at my own lack of confidence.

“You can always ask Brian to introduce you.” Michelle grinned at me.

I felt the heat really fan my cheeks. “Nooo, I'd be way too embarrassed.”

Michelle looked at the guy again and said, “C’mon Kel, do you see how hot he is?” She lifted one of her perfectly shaped eyebrows. “Three months,” Michelle said, looking back towards me, smiling softly.

“Three months for what?” I asked, meeting her gaze.

“The bet. You have that much time to get him to date you,” Michelle replied smugly. “You can call it the three month plan.”

“You’re serious about that?” I laughed, but was cut short when I realized Michelle was serious. My expression quickly faded to a dull stare.

“I wish you could see your expression right now.” Michelle chuckled.

I paused at the silence, contemplating the challenge as I gazed in his direction. He was smiling to his latest customer who had entered the restaurant and climbed in line for the machine. Michelle had a point. I planned on making this a summer to remember. I wasn’t enrolled in college this fall since I had decided to take a year off before starting. And the yoga teacher training program didn’t begin until four months from now. “You know,” I replied with a newfound confidence, “I think that’s perfect.”

Michelle’s mouth fell open in surprise that all her prodding worked. “So in three months you will have landed him is what you are saying?” Michelle asked in disbelief.

“Yeah. One way or another,” I laughed. “I’m gonna’ do, wear, and say everything that I would imagine a guy like that would want me to do.”

Michelle grinned. “You’re crazy. A guy like that is gonna’ want you wearing nothing.”

“Very funny, Michelle.” I playfully slapped her hands from across the table. “But since you were so instrumental in creating this bet, I am going to need your help.”

“I was just kidding,” Michelle laughed. “Why am I getting dragged into this? You should ask Brian to help you.”

“Well, you certainly encouraged it,” I responded and looked at the guy again. “But you’re right, how else am I going to get into his head, without some guy’s input?”

“I’m sure his head isn’t the only place you want to get in to,” Michelle smiled. “Virginity is overrated anyways.”

My face flushed, “You’re a bad influence, and you know that, right? I’m not going to sleep with him.” I must admit my mind did have a tendency to drift to such things. I’d never allowed the guys I’ve dated get very far with me, but watching him had me fantasizing of pressing against his lean body.

“Of course. But you still love me anyways.” She grinned.

“Yes, yes I do. But that may change after this whole three month plan is over.” I cocked my head to the side sarcastically.

“Well, you had better get started then,” Michelle said. “And your first step might be getting rid of what looks like competition.” She lifted her head and looked behind me.

I turned my head slowly to see him casually talking with what looked to be a supermodel. She twirled her naturally curly long blonde hair around her perfectly manicured pink nails, while batting her lashes up at him. Her low cut, cleavage revealing top left little to the imagination as she pressed her chest against his. She was thin, leggy, and annoying already even though I had never met her. “Uhm,” Brian cleared his throat, startling me. “Do you want any more drinks?” He arched his eyebrow at me, and I realized I had been scowling. I swear he was meant to be a spy the way he seemed to sneak up on us. Brian was my oldest friend, and before we were friends I had a huge crush on him. He never knew, and I was too afraid to tell him and ruin our friendship. Now he was more like a brother to me, although a much cuter brother than I imagined I’d have. Brian worked here part time as a server. It was yet another reason we came here. He always gave us a great discount.

“Brian, thank God you’re here,” Michelle hurriedly said, “Do you know who that guy is over there talking to that girl?”

“Who, the new guy?” Brian replied, motioning the direction of the hot guy as Michelle nodded. “Oh, that’s Jake; he just started two weeks ago.”

Michelle looked at me and smiled.

“Jake,” I mouthed, a slight smile turning up my lip on one side.

Brian just laughed, “Sorry, girls. You might wanna’ get in line for that one. You see that blonde girl he’s talking to? That’s his girlfriend.” He nodded toward the Amazon girl. “And you see all those other girls in line. Well, let’s just say they aren’t in line for the machine.”

Crap. This isn’t going to work. I mumbled under my breath.

I would love to thank Kimberley for sitting down for a quick Q & A session with me.

First off, how did you come up with the idea for The Three Month Plan?

The Three Month Plan itself literally came from a conversation between my girlfriends and I while out to dinner. The title itself stemmed from us talking about our dating experiences and joking of how to change it in three months. I remember thinking it would make a great, and funny story as a book.  I created Kelly first and started the story solely from her perspective. After writing the first few chapters and bringing Brian in as her friend, I decided that he needed to play a larger role in the story and, thus, going with alternating POV's. 

Do you plan on making a sequel or a spinoff?

I am currently working on a few other projects at the moment, but the thought has crossed my mind about making a spinoff with Jake's character. I feel that there was a lot we didn't know about Jake and why he obviously had commitment issues. It would be nice to get into his head a little and see where it goes. I've also had a few requests to elaborate more with Michelle and Paul.

If you could choose the actors to portray the leads if The Three Month Plan were to become a movie, who would you choose?

It's funny you ask this, because this is typically the first thing I imagine when finishing a manuscript. As for this cast, I would say Lucy Hale could fit the part of Kelly really well. Brian would definitely be Alex Pettyfer, and Jake, I would say, Zac Efron or Chace Crawford if their hair is dark brown.

Ok…time for some fun questions =)

I see that you are really into horses. What is your favorite breed and do you still ride?

My favorite breed is a tough one to answer. I would say my favorite breed that I have owned would be a paint horse. Grulla paint to be specific. My other favorite horse is a Gypsy Vanner, also a paint. Yes, I still ride and have since I was four years old. I ride English and western and have done everything from reining, barrel racing, team roping and high school rodeo to hunter jumper. I was also a rodeo queen. The last two summers I worked for a Hunter Jumper barn in Del Mar and gave riding lessons to children and teens. 

What’s your favorite type of sushi? I love the sashimi and maki!

I love the sashimi also! I used to not like sushi at all, but gradually have changed my mind over the years. I still don't like octopus. My favorite roll is from a place here in San Diego called Sushi Freak, and it has shrimp tempura, cream cheese, and mango inside with toasted coconut and eel sauce on top. Yum!

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

It's funny that when I think of answers to this question they are all horse related. I was a bit of a wild child when it came to chancing fate. I can remember one time when I was 12 and decided that I wanted to try roman riding. My horse that I had at the time had zero experience and no real desire to learn. I took him and my friend's horse who were about the same height, and stood barefoot, without a helmet on their backs. One foot on each horse and proceeded to gallop them around the arena. Somehow I managed to stay on about half a lap before falling. I don't know how I didn't get injured. 

Most favorite movie of all time? I love Spaceballs or anything Mel Brooks related =)

I absolutely love the movie Tombstone. The entire cast is excellent and I can quote probably every single line from the movie. I also really love romantic comedies. 

I love that you help raise money for pediatric cancer. That is totally awesome! If I were to donate, what charity or website would you suggest?

I would say there are two that I am most fond of. The first is book related, and it is from author, Matt Martinez, who I was lucky enough to interview on my blog. He created a children's book based on his nephew's battle with cancer, and sales of the book go to various charity organizations specializing in pediatric cancer. It's a great chance to purchase a book, and donate it to a hospital where a child may be going through treatment. The other organization I really love is Alex's Lemonade stand. I've been fortunate to be at two of their events, and help raise money. This organization was started by a little girl named Alex who had cancer, and she wanted to start a lemonade stand to raise money for cancer. She unfortunately passed from this disease, but her legacy continues and lemonade stands are set up nationwide to help raise money for cancer. At the last event, they raised over ten thousand dollars. 

I would love to thank you once again Kimberley for stopping by and hanging out with me here at Out There Reviews.

Is there anything you’d like to say to fans out there?

I just want to say a huge thank you to all of the fans who have read, or at some point will read The Three Month Plan. Writing is such a wonderful thing, and is therapeutic, and I strongly believe that whether it is for fun or for a career that its worth doing. I am so fortunate to be able to share these stories with all of you.

Author Bio
Horses were one of my first loves, and writing soon followed. As a child, I spent hours writing poems, and short stories (about horses). My parents realized that I was horse-obsessed and decided to buy me one after taking riding lessons for two years. I think they hoped that all of the hard work, and hours spent mucking stalls would help me give up this expensive hobby. They were wrong. Writing is still a passion of mine, although now I primarily write fiction. My first novel, Red Rock, was published in 2010, and big surprise, there are horses in it. My second novel, The Three Month Plan was released August 2013.
Other Loves: My family, yoga, skincare and makeup, sushi, and raising money for pediatric cancer. I have two rescue dogs and would have more if there weren't zoning restrictions. I’m always trying something new, as I tend to get bored very easily. Thankfully, my love of driving around with the gas light on fuels some excitement. I love novels with happy endings, and am a hopeful romantic. My latest obsession is browsing Netflix, and I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order in under 30 seconds. Do I feel a wager coming on?


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