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Devour by Megan Duncan Blog Tour & Giveaway!

You never know how strong you are until something makes you choose between humanity, and the beast.

As Claire descended deep into the ancient tomb; laying to rest the bodies of the fallen, she wondered if time healed all wounds, would an eternity be long enough? Still recovering from a brutal attack that nearly killed her, she refused to let evil win. Pain and destruction glared at her everywhere she went. Nothing and no one would ever be safe until Baal was not only defeated, but destroyed. Fueled by her thirst for revenge, she traveled with her father to the ‘old world’, seeking the aide of a long forgotten ally. Will their quest for help lead to their salvation, or is it only the first step in their annihilation?

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My Favourite Moments from Devour:

Moment #1
I followed Arrick’s lead, donning a simple black dress that flowed down to my knees; the lace trim tickling my skin. I felt like a robot as I moved mechanically around my closet, pulling on plain, black ballet shoes and clipping on black pearl earrings. My thoughts wandered to Robin more than anyone else. I hadn’t seen my friend much since I’d gotten back. She had always been an endless ray of sunshine in a world of eternal night, but now she was the polar opposite. I swore to make it my goal for the night to be there for her in any way I could.
Someday she’d be happy again.
I’d make sure of it, or die trying.

Moment #2
​Above us, connecting the buildings, were lines of drying laundry or banners in a text I’d never seen. Wooden shutters were open to glowing apartments above the street, the smell of aromatic herbs flowing vibrantly from them. It smelled of bold spices I’d never known, and for the first time since becoming a vampire, I craved human food. The scents were so intoxicating, so… fresh that it gripped my senses in ways I’d never experienced.

Moment #3
“It would work in our favor if it’s true,” Arrick said. “I mean, if you think about it, it makes sense. Each region personifies their king. Nicolae has always been about technology and enjoying the luxuries of being respected as a king. Your father has a deep admiration for history and embracing education; that’s why so many in the region focus on honing their craft and becoming the best at what they do. Titan was engrossed by his thirst for revenge on Baal and his belief that he wasn’t really defeated. It makes sense that instead of developing his society socially, he concentrated on building his forces and training them for the war he knew would someday come.”

Moment #4
Arrick strode back to the table on the floor before me, and lifted the lid off the small wooden pot. An aromatic aroma of sweetness was released and I peered inside to see its contents. Mushy, red jelly giggled as I adjusted my weight, bumping my knee into the table.
“What is that?” I stuck my finger in and looked at it curiously. It smelled marvelous, but it looked absolutely disgusting. Dark, crimson globules squished between my fingers as I inspected it.
“It’s an ancient traditional dish made of pig’s blood, berries and organs,” he said matter-of-factly.
“Ewe!” I flung the gunk back into the pot and searched for something to wipe my finger on. I might have been a vampire, but that didn’t mean I’d eat organs!

My Review:

FINALLY!!! I am all caught up with the Warm Delicacy Series and it was well worth the wait!

Devour picks up right where Indulge left off. The aftermath of being attacked and the destruction caused by Baal, Claire says goodbye to fallen friends and vows revenge on all those responsible. She travels to the old world to seek help from a forgotten King who no one wanted to believe. Will this journey help her or hurt her cause. Find out in Devour!

Overall.... Devour is awesome! Megan kept the action going all through out and also made room for the sweet moments between Claire and Arrick. And now with the addition of new characters, the story can only become EPIC! From Megan's attention to detail to the story itself, this series is truly an awesome piece of art!

You are truly talented Megan at writing. You always describe scenes perfectly and you keep us readers in suspense at the end. I can't wait for the next install of the Warm Delicacy Series.

 About Megan:

Image of Megan DuncanMegan Duncan is a lover of all things paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and anything just out of the ordinary. She is continually fighting her addiction to chocolate and living in her overactive imagination.

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