Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cover Reveal! Kaya's Curse by Stina Rubio

Blaine and Kaya have been together since freshmen year in high school. Although it was love at first sight, it took some convincing on her part. Blaine and Kaya are complete and total opposites. Kaya is a free loving Rastafarian, who loves reggae and has thick blonde dreads. She fell for Blaine an uptight conservative, who hates music and anything other than school. Blaine has a one track mind and that mind is getting him into Harvard Medical. But with everything weighing against them, they found true love.
In a blink of an eye, everything in their life changes, Blaine’s life spirals out of control, losing the one thing he was sure he wouldn’t. When life changes in a blink of an eye, Blaine makes a choice. The question is: Is the choice he made a good or a bad one.
Love survives everything, even death……
With all magic comes a price……

Author Bio:

Stina is the mother of three energetic boys (Daniel Jr. age 8, Zion age 6, Ezra age 1) they are her everything, the Princes' of her heart. She has been with her husband Daniel for 11 yrs., and still going strong. A true California native (although she sometimes questions why she is so pale, vampire perhaps? Only kidding) Writing has always been a passion along with read. When she was a child she wrote short stories and poem, getting negative attention from teachers, asking if she was demented. Turns out she wasn't, she just has an over active imagination.
Along with Kaya's Curse, Stina has written another book that is NA paranormal The Forgotten Princess.


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