Friday, October 26, 2018

Book Review: Marrying Miss Kringle by Kringle by Lucy McConnell

Title: Marrying Miss Kringle: Frost
Author: Lucy McConnell
Genre: Holiday Romance, Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Orchard View Publishing LLC
Cover Designer: Christina Dymock
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2018
Frost buried her face in her hands, feeling all the pressure. Neither Stella nor Robyn had the potential for love yet. They were starting from scratch. But she had more than potential; she had an invitation. It was up to her to find Tannon; get him to profess his love to her; and save her family, the North Pole, and Christmas for children all over the world.
Oh, Tannon, I hope you’re ready to love me.
I found Marrying Miss Kringle to be a fun and lovely read. It is light in nature with a feeling of watching one of those Lifetime Christmas movies, but only in book form. I haven't had the chance to read the other Marrying Miss Kringle books just yet, but I imagine each one would be just as fun and sweet as this one. Frost knows that Christmas might not happen as Christmas magic is dangerously low. To restore the balance, she must find Tannon, get him to love her as she loves him,  and somehow rejuvenate Christmas spirit in a small town. I'm ready to read about the other Kringle sisters after reading this book.  
 Award-winning author, Lucy McConnell, loves Christmas, romance, chocolate and Elvis.
After graduating from the University of Utah, she became an editor at an advertising agency before moving on to teach in the marketing department of the local community college. She loved teaching and often misses the academic environment.
Lucy retired from teaching and began to write articles and sweet romance novels. She has been published in national magazines, newspapers, short story compilations, and she writes cookbooks under the name Christina Dymock.
If she's not at the computer, you can find her trying to keep up with her husband and four kids on the ski slopes, on a bike, in the kitchen, or on a horse.
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