Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hindsight Blog Tour

You always hear about the moment right before the end when you see your life flash before your eyes. Some people have even said they had experienced heaven as they headed for the bright light in that one split second before everything went blank. But there isn’t a way to know if they spoke of the truth. Not until you’re actually there, in that moment, that one moment just before the curtains of life are drawn closed after what becomes your final act. 

I can tell you firsthand if that is true. I experienced it. Taking my bow as the curtains slowly closed. I reached out and tried to stop them, but I was helpless to stop it. It’s weird, the roller coaster of emotions you go through when you’ve reached your journey’s end. 

As I lay on the cool tile, random thoughts ran through my mind. They astonished me, considering the seriousness of my situation. I had no idea where the random thoughts even came from. It was probably because I knew I was fading. I could tell by the blood that formed in pools around my body. My time on earth was coming to a close. 

So much blood. 
So much pain. 
So many regrets. 

So did I experience it? The flashing of life or the whiteness of heaven? Not in the way people have made it sound, but I did see it. It served the purpose of showing me where it all went wrong. It proved to me why I was alone and cold, dying on the bathroom floor. It reminded me that as humans, we make choices, good or bad, and we must live with the consequences. 

Hindsight. They say it’s twenty-twenty. 

That’s the truest statement I had ever heard. Moments of my life flooded my mind, all of them going back in time, serving as a roadmap to the beginning. 

*Contains violence* 
***This is NOT paranormal*** 

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Hindsight was an interesting read. It is a very emotionally charged story that contains violence against a woman married to a very powerful lawyer.  Char is done; she is tired of the abuse, the apologies and wants out. Tony, her overbearing, explosive, abusing husband threatens her and has Char fearing for her life. The story is well thought out and extremely emotional. You could feel the pain and the emotional stress. Hindsight is a really good read and I find it as a story of survival. Kudos to Leddy Harper and Marlo Williams on writing an amazing and powerful read.

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