Tuesday, May 14, 2013

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Hey all of you lovely Bookies out there! Today's post is full of fun and awesomeness!

I've decided to share with you a few of my all-time favorite books and some random facts about yours truly...ME!

So without further adieu..let's get this show on the road.

First up is Moon Spell, Book 1 in the Lunarmorte Series by the fantabulous Samantha Young. This is the VERY FIRST book I read as an ebook almost 2 years ago and it had me hooked. From here, the bibliophile I became was born (HeHe)

Random Fact

I love dill pickles with ice cream. I discovered this awesome mix of flavors back in 8th grade and not when I was pregnant with my first born. Surprisingly, my husband loves it too!

Ok next up is Awakening by the awesome Karice Bolton! This book invaded my dreams at night and I would dream of Athen (le sigh). Plus I love this cover! And it's FREE on Amazon!

 Next up is Savor, Book 1 in the Warm Delicacy Series by the talented Megan Duncan! This book made me want to be a donor for vampies if it's possible =)  And this is also FREE on Amazon!

Random Fact:

I am ambidextrous
Last but not least and definitely not the end of my favorites but for todays post is Knotted Roots by the totally awesome up and coming Indie Author Ruthi Kight! This book had me crying more than a pregnant woman watching a Lifetime Movie. It's seriously THAT good!

 Random Fact:

I have more online friends than real-life friends and I'm closer to my Bookie friends than all of my other friends!

So on that note, here is the awesome Rafflecopter for a chance to win a Kindle Fire loaded with $100 of eBooks and not to mention a few other prizes! Good luck everyone!!

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