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Sixteen-year old Peyton Jones had it all: straight A's in school, the perfect boyfriend, and nothing to worry about but keeping her GPA up. Then one night her perfect world is suddenly ripped away from her. Everything she has ever known changes and she goes from having a perfect plan to watching her world crumble around her. 
Steve Gibbons was the quarterback of his high school football team...until the new guy showed up and stole his spot, causing him to lose his chance at a scholarship. Football was his life and now he feels like he has nothing. 
Drawn together after losing hope for their futures, Peyton and Steve become best friends, but as they grow closer, a colossal secret is revealed changing everything. Will Peyton be left to face her inevitable future alone, or can she trust enough to let someone else in?

My Review:

Innocence stolen, instant rage, heartbreak, life-altering decisions, finding love, unconditional love; all of these feelings I got from reading Saving Me by Kelsie Blanton. Beautifully written and detailed, Kelsie puts you right next to Peyton, as her shadow.

I found myself crying tears of sadness for the innocence lost and tears of joy of finding an unconditonal love. I truly enjoyed reading this book and I definitely recommend it! I must warn you though that there is definitely graphic material to read so I strongly advise that this should not be read by anyone under the age of 16 tops.

Top Fave Excerpts:

Excerpt #1:
“What are you talking about?” The look on his face caused my heart to shatter into a million tiny pieces. You would have almost thought I slapped him.
“This!” I hysterically gestured between us. “I was never supposed to fall in love with you. We weren’t even supposed to become friends. I was supposed to spend every second of my life alone in silent misery, but you just had to ruin that!”
He stood silently with his mouth hanging open—unable to form a single word.
“Why couldn’t you have just left me alone?!” He stepped toward me and I pushed on his chest, making him involuntarily retreat two steps. “I don’t deserve happiness! I don’t deserve to feel safe!” Another push to his chest, “I don’t deserve to not feel any pain! And you—you don’t deserve to settlefor me!”
Excerpt #2:
My breath caught in my throat and suddenly, footsteps sounded behind me—pulling me out of my stupor. I froze, too afraid to move. The steps began to get louder as each second passed. My heart was pounding to its own quick rhythm. A hand grasped my shoulder and I squeezed my eyes shut expecting the worst. I began to quiver uncontrollably, wanting to scream, to run as hard as I could, but my feet were frozen. I could only stand there as my tears mixed with the rain pouring over me.
Excerpt #3:
I shivered as I walked into an open room that seemed to be below freezing. I had thought there would be a corner I could hole into while listening to everyone’s stories. So, I showed up just a little bit late thinking I could hide and be invisible to them. But as I walked into the isolated room and the door slammed itself shut, everyone’s eyes were on me.
Way to go, Peyton. Can we have a mental applause here?
I tried to force a smile on my face, but it was almost as though they could see right through it so I quickly gave up on that endeavor. I hadn’t taken one step since I had walked into the room so I looked around for a vacant chair to sit in that wasn’t located near the group. Unfortunately though, it appeared that at these types of events, all of the chairs in the room ended up in a circle.
Yay me.

Author Bio:

Kelsie Blanton is a fun-loving young woman from a small town in Kentucky. Writing has always been her passion and when she’s not working at her full-time job, she is at home writing on something. Her hobbies include reading, writing, singing (poorly), dancing (again, poorly), and talking…a lot.
Surrounded by amazing friends and family that support her, Kelsie is following her dreams. Happy reading!

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