Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cover Reveal!! Deliverance & Sacrifice by C.L. MATTHEWS

Deliverance & Sacrifice by C.L. MATTHEWS
Release Date: TBD
Designer: Marisa-rose Shor @ Cover Me Darlings
Photographer: Regina Wamba
Models: Hannah & Josten

I've killed. That’s how I found myself in the worst prison in the Mediterranean Sea. To earn my freedom from Alma Perdida, I must slaughter other convicts repeatedly, all at the whim of the warden.

BLURB: Enzo Jameson
When his daughter watches me, I can see it reflect in her eyes. She knows everything. It would be careless to fall in love with her, but our titillating games have confirmed my weakness for her. How could a woman like her ever fall for a man like me?

Gracie Reyes
Being the warden's daughter is anything but easy. I know what my father has done, and I know what he's planning to do. I'm the only one who can stop him, but I need help.
Will Enzo sacrifice his soul to win the deadly game, or win her heart and lose his life in the process?
The only one who can help me dismantle my father is the one person I must stay away from. It would be stupid to fall for him, especially when I know I may very well end up on his next kill list.

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