Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cover Reveal! Clarity by H.K Savage

COMING JUNE 28, 2016
CLARITY (The Admiral's Elite Series Book 3) by HK Savage
The Admiral’s Elite are facing their greatest enemy, one that threatens to destroy them on their own soil.
The strain of Becca’s new life is wearing on her, but keeping her deterioration from her team and Admiral Black might just do her in first. Black’s priority is to the mission over all else and, sensing weakness in his unit, he’s calling back to action an old member. It’s a competition to see who can best serve the Admiral, winner take all.
Only one will survive.
Gabrielle’s lifelong search for the one who killed her old team and changed her forever might be coming to its end. But what happens when she finally has her revenge? Is a new start the most terrifying thing she’s seen yet?
The team is being pulled apart from the outside and from within. Can they pull together and save the unit or will this be their final chapter?


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