Sunday, June 28, 2015

Powers, Spice, and Not so Nice Book Blitz!

Welcome to a world of magic and mayhem where witches, shifters, angels, ghosts, and vampires walk (or lurk) among us. Where normal humans suddenly discover they aren’t so normal after all, and where it’s up to strong, courageous women to save the day.

If you crave stories with super and magical heroines, action, and paranormal creatures, then you’ll love the mystical allure of this box set. We’ve collected ten amazing new adult/paranormal novels by some of the best up-and-coming authors for your reading pleasure.

The Books In This Set Have Collectively Earned Over 400 5-Star Amazon Reviews!

Every book in this powerful set features a strong female heroine who must confront and overcome her demons (sometimes literally) in order to save the day. Genres include paranormal romance, paranormal action, paranormal dystopia, paranormal time-travel, and more. Each story promises adventure, high stakes, unforgettable characters, and something out of the ordinary.

The novels in this set include:

After The Ending – Lindsey Pogue/Lindsey Fairleigh
The Broken Sky – Andrew Mayer
Falling – J Bennett
Few Are Angels – Inger Iversen
Kill It With Magic – J. A. Cipriano
Ringmaster – Trudi Jaye
Shadow’s Awakening – Molle McGregor
Shifty Magic – Judy Teel
The Spookshow – Tim McGregor
Echo Prophecy – Lindsey Fairleigh


And here is an excerpt from Kill it With Magic:

Behind me the monstrous roar of a revving engine ripped through the air. I turned to see a black Lamborghini Diablo rushing toward me at breakneck speed. For a second, I thought about trying to stop the oncoming vehicle with my shield, but I doubted I could, what with the momentum and all that.
Thankfully, my body was moving much faster than my mind. I guess lifetimes of training come in handy because I flung myself upward, forcing my will into a leap that carried me over the speeding vehicle. It spun around sending up clouds of dirt and rushed toward me again. I ripped my wakazashi, Set, from its sheath, and pointed it at the front wheels of the sports car.
Red lightning exploded from the tip of my weapon and slammed into it, melting not only the front tires, but the entire front part of the car into slag. Inertia took over, and the Lamborghini flipped, toppling end over end. I leapt to the side as the vehicle skidded past me. Smoke billowed out of the thing, and the smell of gasoline filled the air. I vaulted to my feet, already running toward Logan when the sound of screeching metal stopped me in my tracks.
Bob didn’t climb out of the car so much as he ripped the car apart around him, his massive form bursting through the crumpled wreckage like it was little more than tissue paper. Without even grunting, he seized hold of the car and flung the vehicle at me. I dove to the side, burying my face in the dirt. The force of it ruffled my clothing as it sailed over me and crashed to the ground a couple hundred yards away. My ears were still ringing from the sound of the car bouncing across the rocky ground when it exploded. My hands shook as I crawled to my feet, my heart beating so fast in my chest that I didn’t think it’d ever slow down. That had been close… too close.
“That was my favorite car for running people over.” Bob took a step toward me; his pupils were ringed with several shades of red, ranging from light burgundy to crimson. “And you broke it.”
“You have a car for running people over?” The words tumbled from my mouth in that overconfident way they did when I was really nervous.
“Not anymore.” Bob’s lips peeled back in an expression that gave me an uncomfortably clear view of his fangs. They were so big that it was like he had a pair of daggers in his mouth. I swallowed and took a tentative step backward. I hadn’t really been scared before, but now... now I was.
This was a creature so old and powerful that in ancient times people had referred to him as a god... and he was pissed at me.
“Well, maybe you shouldn’t have tried to run me over,” I said as Bob disappeared completely from view. It happened so fast that I barely realized he was gone. His hand burst from the ground like a zombie and seized my leg like a vice. With a jerk that damn near wrenched my leg from the socket, Bob tugged me down into the earth. Pain, so intense that it was like rubbing lemon juice soaked sandpaper on my flesh, exploded through my legs. I wanted to cry, wanted to beg for him to stop hurting me. Mostly though? Mostly I just hated him.
I hated when vampires had ridiculous powers. Usually the older they were the more likely it was that they had some stupidly absurd abilities. Bob was several millennia old and could apparently travel through dirt at immense speed. That definitely needed to be on his dating profile.

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