Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Blood Ties Series by Jessica Gibson

Ronan has lived for hundreds of years. In all of his years there has only been one for him. What will he risk to get back what is his by right?

This is a short story and is the prequel to Love and Blood, book 1 in the Blood Ties series due out in January 2013

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My Review:

I really liked this new spin on vampires that Jessica has written about. These arent your sparkly,I'm so sweet vampires. These are the vampires that we should be afraid of. But Im not(lol!) Ronan is like a womanizing, drain you dry type of vamp who is sexy and scary all at the same time. He goes on this mission that forces him to fight with his family and his Mother of all people! Blood Lust is a great start Jessica's new series Blood Ties. You get to see how Ronan hunts and you get a feel for his character. I look forward to reading Love and Blood by the talented Jessica Gibson!

Bronwyn Fitzgibbons was young and reckless. It was easy for Ronan to steal her human life and make her a vampire. She ran, but she never forgot him--or how he made her feel.

Rider saved Bronwyn from the new life she loathed and the new self she detested. His love restored her sanity.

Now Ronan is back to claim her. She struggles like hell against him, but she cannot deny the overwhelming power of her maker. Will Bronwyn surrender to the one who could possess her utterly? Or can she find the strength to choose the one who loves her as she is?

It's FREE!!!

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My Review:

What can I say but I freaking love this series! You get love, lust, intense scenes, all around action packed in a great read. Having read the Prequel, Blood Lust, it was awesome to get the back story in Love and Blood and you really get to know Ronan. He isn't some pig-headed possessive vampire. Ok...maybe he is but he means well =)Will Bronwyn stay away from him or is he too much for her to handle?

Jessi did such an outstanding job with Love and Blood that I can't wait to find out what happens next! What will Bronwyn do next?

Bronwyn left everything behind when she left with Ronan. She became what he needed her to be and forgot the rest. Too bad the past won't stay in the past.

Rider bursts back into her life uninvited, and is not the man she remembers. There is an edge to him that was not there before. Bronwyn is torn by guilt over what he has become and anger at being blamed for it.

When Ronan ended his maker’s life, he inherited a line of vampires and a whole set of problems to go along with it. Bronwyn must decide if their love is worth it, worth the killing, and the constant disruption of their lives.

Is love enough? Can Bronwyn find herself again and strike a balance between who she wants to be and who Ronan needs her to be? Or will she lose herself all over again?

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My Review:

Jessica is such a talented writer. She never ceases to amaze me with her incredible ability to write such an awesome series with loveable characters.

Bronwyn and Ronan are incredible together in this addition to the Blood Ties Series. They seem like the perfect vampire couple and are happy for the most part.

Riley on the other hand is out of control and wants Bronwyn back at all costs. I can not believe the things he does in Blood and Sacrifice. Browyn's friends all come to her to try and convince her to talk to Riley and even go back to him. Of course we all know the chemistry between them. (if you don't, I suggest you read Book 1)

So what is a girl to do? Ronan or Riley? PLUS a jaw dropping moment that made me squeal! ( yes I buried my face in my pillow and squealed).

Overall, this series is so incredible. Being able to read the book in a night is a good thing. I love how human Jessi makes her vampires. Feeling emotions and just being them is what makes this series one of my favorites of all times.

Now for the hard part...waiting for the next install!

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