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Light of the World Blog Tour

In her dreams whispers taunt her.
They chant wicked things to frighten her.
Every morning she wakes with the same sentence ringing in her ears.
'You're dead. You're dead and I just forgot to tell you.'
The problem isn't entirely the sentence.
It's the person she sees in her dreams chanting it.
It's her mother.

My Review:

One word....holy-hell-balls-of-fury! Light of The World is a roller coaster of pure awesomeness. Tara really has outdone herself with this one. Love, lust, lies, betrayal, death, sacrifice's all here! It is beautifully written and the fun has only begun in this installment. I can't wait for Book 2 of The Light Series to come out to find out more about Rayne and her twisted live triangle and her awesome sidekicks!

Ok kiddies...the moment you've all been waiting for! An exclusive interview with the wonderfully fantastically awesome Tara! Enjoy!

 What/who inspired you to become a writer and why did you choose the genre that you write?  I have always been a writer. I was entertaining my teacher in grade one with tales in my "What did you do this weekend" journal. My parents got phone calls home I think. I write what I love. I love being scared and being unsure of the reactions of characters because they are something more than a human. I love the darkness inside of people and the reasons they are the way they are. 

What was the title of the first book you've ever written and what was it about?It was title-less and about a girl who got into a car accident and ended up with amnesia and had to stay in a facility. She ended up falling in love with her doctor, but there was a guy back home... It sucked and my daughter deleted it. Divine intervention.

Are your characters inspired by real life people?  If yes, who? Yes, everyone and everything inspires me. It's fun being a writer. I can listen to a song and make up a story.
If you could meet anyone famous, dead or alive, who would it be and why? Jane Austen, because I need to know who inspired Mr. Darcy....And then tackle him in the snow and make him love me.

What is your favorite time of year? The Fall. I love that everything is dying and the creepiness of Halloween and the crispness in the air.

 Favorite song of all time? Hey Ho, By the Lumineers because it reminds me of Will from Born. It was my song of choice in the spring/summer of 2012 when I was writing the novel. No one really knew who they were, they had loyal fans but no radio time. Will sings the song in the book around a campfire with a bunch of people in the woods and a guitar. It reminded me of the human spirit and the love and passion and fun that is inside of us and how even through the worst of times, humans find a way to still be us. Still be inspired. So then fast forward to January 2013 and Born is a Number 1 bestseller and Hey Ho and The Lumineers are crazy famous. Love it!!!

 Favorite movie of all time? Pride and Prejudice 

Most annoying sound ever? The voices in my head that won't shut up when I'm trying to sleep. They don't care, they just want their story written. And an air horn. I flaming well hate air horns.

Most annoying call to get first thing in the morning? "Hey, what are you doing?" WHAT THE FRICKEN HELL DO YOU THINK I AM DOINGGGGGG, RAWRRRRRRR. I super like my sleep.

 Most weirdest thing you've ever eaten and liked it? Deep fried bugs, in a bar in china. They had deep fried bugs in a bowl that were salted like peanuts. Fracken yummy. 

Most lovable character you've created? Jake from Born, hands down.

Anything new and interesting you are currently working on? Puleeeease. All I do is work. Interesting?? Maybe lol. I am working on a science fiction about the future. Can't reveal the huge plot twists but it's awesome!!!!!

 Which book are you excited to see made into a movie? Significance or Mortal Instruments? Me personally...Significance only because I've read the whole series. None, hating this 'Let's destroy every book written by making a movie using only hot actors and who cares if they can act or not' thing Hollywood is on. It's terrible. You know what, if Significance or Mortal Instruments was being done by The BBC I would jump up and down and scream like a little girl. But the lame asses in Hollywood pick based on hotness. Thus far they have destroyed every book I have read. It feels like authors sell their souls to the devil when they get a movie deal. I cringe when I see it. I'm going to watch Beautiful Creatures tonight and I am positive I will hate it and be pissed. Mortal instruments, sweet god, JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER??? REALLY??? omg we can't talk about this....

Any book recommendations that I must absolutely must read? Yes, The Wheel of Time Series by Robert Jordan, The Vampire Bride by Rhiannon Frater, Masque of the Red Death by Bethany Griffin, all interesting and in my top ten!!!!

I would love to thank Tara for being so fraken awesome and thank you for stopping by and checking me out! You guys rock! XoXo

About Tara

I am not going to talk in the third person. It feels weird.

I am a Canadian author of Paranormal Romance, Post Apocalyptic and Fantasy novels. I write a lot of books and jump Genres a lot. Mostly because I think I have Writers ADD, I like to call it WADD. It might be a real thing.

I write New Adult, my books have sexual content (Heck yes) and Swearing. You have been warned. Now enjoy! I have a beagle named Buster, a husband who I force to read everything I write and two girls who want so badly to be a character in my books. And not in that order. I am mid thirties so be prepared for the chick lit novel this year. I am calling it my Ode to my Midlife Crisis. I have been writing since I was old enough to lie. So for some time. If you're wondering about the hat, it's my 'Hey I'm Canadian Toque' Welcome to my world. Please enjoy the ride.

I am a huge fan of the Zombie Apocalypse and Eric Northman. Sweet Baby Jesus, that man is fine. I have recently branched out and have just published my first Fantasy novel. It is filled with Dragons, Magic, Princesses, The Volkodlak, oh and maybe a little bodice ripping and some cage fighting. But let's be honest who doesn't like a princess who can take care of herself. The novel is called Vengeance and the double sword wielding Princess Amillia guarantees plenty of it. Don't miss any of my amazing series!! Including the one being revealed in the spring, The Blackwater Witches. Bayou witches, creatures of the night and a creepy old haunted mansion.

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