Saturday, September 21, 2013

New and Noteworthy!!! Damaged by Becca Vincenza

Hello all of you wonderful people you! I am pleased to bring to you this  amazing work in progress.  She is still working out the kinks with the cover but who needs it when you've got an exclusive excerpt!

So please sit back and enjoy Damaged!

Damaged by Becca Vincenza

There are some beings in this world, long thought to be extinct. Some seek to protect them, others want control, but some . . . some are hell bent on their destruction.

Audrey was taken from her father, hidden away from the world, and tortured for five years. She was rescued, but is she really safe, or is there someone else waiting to betray her? Can she trust those who saved her? Can she learn to accept who she really is?

Stone was on a routine mission to extract valuable information from a rival clan of paranormals. Instead, he and his team find something much more valuable: a scarred, damaged young woman who holds many secrets, and whose power is beyond anything they could ever have imagined.There is much more to Audrey than meets the eye and Stone is determined to protect her.

Audrey and Stone are about to find out it’s hard to know who to trust.

An exclusive excerpt just for you!

It reached well below my knees but I still felt exposed but it was the only thing I had been given that fit properly. I looked up at Stone’s intake of a sharp breath. My eyes wide with fear and I frantically looked to see what had caused his shock. There was nothing else in the room but us, then when I looked at him his eyes were roaming my form. The look made me feel uncomfortable but not in the way that I expected. This was a different kind of uncomfortable, while other stares like the one he was giving made me shrink in fear, his made me squirm with embarrassment. That is how I felt as if I had something to hide.
“If it’s unpleasing I can change.” I started to turn away but Stone grabbed me before I could get too far.

“No. Gods no. You look…amazing.” His voice was almost breathless. He was standing so close, too close. And somehow farther than I wanted him to be. I didn’t dare look past his chest which my eyes were level at. His hands, Gods they were softest things I have ever felt on my skin. I closed my eyes against the assault. I felt him lifting my chin, but my entire body followed, I didn’t want to let his touch go. For once the touch of another made me feel safe. I didn’t know why. “You should stand tall, stop hiding.” His breathe feathering over the sensitive skin of my lids. I couldn’t have kept my eyes open even if I tried. “Audrey.” His voice was so, so, so close. I felt his hands move through my thick hair, the strands wrapping around his fingers, knotting and refusing to let him go.

It's like.....

About the Author:

            Becca Vincenza lives in a forest area, with lots of place for imagination to grow. She has written for more than 10 years, but until recently decided to come out of her hidey-hole to self-publish. She enjoys reading, experiencing, and (secretly believing) the paranormal is really out there. That is just hiding under the rock we cannot see. She writes for the love of it, she reads to escape, and does both to experience whole new worlds.

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  2. Seriously can't wait for this to officially come out!!