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The Guys Are Props Club Blog Tour & Giveaway!

During her senior year in high school, Maddie Burch promised herself not to ever fall for a cute guy – or any guy – again. Cute guys are players and not to be trusted, a fact she learned the hard way when her first boyfriend ran her heart through a paper shredder. Two years later, her promise is still intact, and she’s determined to make it through college without falling victim to another creep. She has her job, school and The Guys Are Props Club to keep her mind and hormones in check.

The club was founded by Jessica, Maddie’s best friend. It is a sisterhood of girls who have fallen prey to heartless jerks and who have vowed to turn the tables. Once a semester, Jessica requires members to “do onto others as they’ve done unto you.” Setting the example, Jessica’s next play is Sebastian Capello, a theater major with heartthrob looks and a flair for Latin dance, whose heart she plans to break the way hers was once broken.

What the friends don’t know is that Sebastian is different. Despite his perfect looks and popularity, he’s not a jerk. He doesn’t play games to get his way. Instead, he keeps it real and goes after what he wants with honest intentions. And what he wants is not a bombshell like Jessica, but a down-to-earth girl like Maddie – even if it causes a riff in the girl’s friendship. Even if it means getting Maddie to break her personal vow.

*** New Adult - Due to language and sexual situations this book is recommended for ages 17 and older.

Teaser Time!
Jessica whirled and faced her flock. “That, my friends, is the epitome of Latin hotness.” She fanned herself. “He’s the honest-to-God, walking, breathing cliché of a dark and handsome stranger. I think I just found target number three,” she paused dramatically, holding three fingers up. “Hands off, everyone. I call that Play. Game on!”

My Review:

Different, fresh, funny and romantical, The Guys Are Props Club is a great light read.

Madison and her best friend Jessica have experienced heartache like no ones business. Hense, they started The G.A.P Club. Being a member of the prestigious group, one must follow the Rules and execute at least one Play. But Maddie has seen the light and ready to grow up. But will she be the Player or the Play? As they say "Don't hate the Player, hate the Game."

Ingrid did an amazing job with one. I can see a club like this existing somewhere. Truly believable and down to Earth, she captured the essence of testing the waters after such a heartbreak and learning to trust again.

I enjoyed reading The Guys Are Props Club and look forward to reading more by Ingrid!

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About Ingrid Seymour

Ingrid Seymour loves, loves, loves to write. Her favorite genres are Young Adult and New Adult fiction. Her debut novel “The Guys Are Props Club” is an NA contemporary romance which she immensely enjoyed writing. Her favorite outings involve a trip to the library or bookstore where she immediately gravitates toward the YA section. She’s an avid reader and fangirl of many amazing books. She’s sure that one day she’ll see one of her books made into a movie. She likes to dream big ;)

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